Tesla consolidates parts in China as Model 3 gets some Model Y features

When Tesla released the Model Y earlier this year, they had a couple of surprises up their sleeves with the electric SUV coming with a wireless charging pad as standard, as well as including new USB-C ports.

With the Model Y and Model 3 sharing a number of interior parts, we can now add a few more to the list, as Tesla in China has begun manufacturing Model 3’s with these new features.

First reported by Jay in Shanghai to Twitter, Tesla has begun to include the wireless charger as standard on the Model 3, as well as three USB-C ports, including two for the rear passengers, the same as in the Model Y.

This change by Tesla consolidates some parts across product lines and should further reduce the cost to produce the Model 3.

It is unknown at this time if or when similar changes will be made to North American Model 3’s, as Tesla has only just reopened their factory in Fremont after being shut down for nearly two months.

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