Quebec based Ingenext releases Boost upgrade that adds 50HP to SR and SR+ Tesla Model 3

Last year Ingenext released a special upgrade that unlocked Tesla’s 50 horsepower Performance Boost option for Long Range (LR) Model 3 owners.

Now Ingenext, based in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec has just released a similar upgrade for Standard Range (SR) and Standard Range Plus (SR+) owners.

Called the Boost SR, the wiring harness increases the performance of the SR and SR+ Model 3 with the 980 motor. The company says the upgrade will reduce your 0-60mph time by 0.6 seconds, and shared this video to prove it.

Not only does the module increase your performance, it also adds a number of features, including some only found in the Premium Interior option.

  • Heated rear seat control with web application or rear window switches
  • Ambient lights
  • Automatic driver door opening
  • Drift mode (a special driving mode that disables traction control but maintains ABS and power Steering)

The company says the module is a simple plug and play installation that can be done in minutes. Since it is so easy to install, they also recommend removing the harness before visiting a Tesla Service Center and having a Mobile Ranger visit your house.

The Boost SR is regularly priced at $1,224 CAD, but is reduced by 15% until February 25 to $1,041 CAD. You can buy yours here.

Don’t know if you have the 980 or 990 rear motor? Here’s how to find out.

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