Bargersville Police Deparment impressed with Tesla Model 3 patrol car

Bargersville Police Tesla Model 3

The Bargersville Police Department in Indiana took delivery of a Tesla Model 3 this past summer to be part of their fleet of police vehicles. A few months later, the Model 3 has received high praise from Bargersville Police Chief Todd Bertam.

The main reason for the switch to the Model 3, making them the first police department to use a Model 3, was cost. The usual vehicle of choice for Bargersville is the Dodge Charger. Despite being about $15,000USD more expensive, the low fuel costs (about $300 a month less than a gas-guzzling Charger), and almost no maintenance means that in the long run the police department is saving money.

Since taken the Tesla out on the beat, Bertram said he’s had his fair share of onlookers and fans, even when they’ve been pulled over in a traffic stop. “I got a guy for speeding on (Ind.) 37 and all he wanted to talk about was the Tesla. During that same traffic stop, somebody honks and a guy’s hanging out of his window with a phone taking video,” Bertram told the IndyStar.

So far range also hasn’t been an issue for Bertram. During the summer months, he was getting about 240 miles (386km) with a full charge. Now in the colder winter months, he’s getting about 170 miles (273km), still more than enough for his shifts.

Hopefully the news of the Model 3 being an effective patrol car, and it costing less than the traditional choices, we see more police departments adding Tesla’s to their fleets.

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