2021 Tesla Model 3 walkthrough [Video]

Yesterday we brought you an up close look at a brand new 2021 Tesla Model 3, one of the first delivered in Canada.

Today we take you for a walkthrough of all the new features including the new black trim, power trunk, laminated windows, steering wheel, interior finishes, center console, and more.

Thanks to the lucky new owner Ken, we were also able to experience the much talked about laminated (double pane) windows. Even though we have already seen pictures of them, they are actually much smaller/thinner than expected, and should be able to be installed in older Model 3’s.

When it comes to noise, we have already showed you the first road noise test the other day. With just a smartphone app used to measure the sound, it didn’t exactly produce scientific results.

We did attempt to take a video on our drive, but it didn’t really produce anything that would give you a sense of the change in cabin noise. While there didn’t appear to be much of a difference in road noise, it did seem like there was a reduction in the amount of wind noise entering the cabin.

Hopefully we see some real tests soon to see if there is a measurable improvement with the laminated windows.

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