China’s love affair with Tesla continues with strong July sales

The latest sales figures from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) show that China is quickly learning to love the Tesla Model 3.

According to data released on Monday, Tesla sold 11,014 made-in-China Model 3’s in the month of July. While that figure is down slightly from June, which saw 14,954 Model 3 vehicles sold, it is significantly higher than what is typically seen in the first month of a new quarter.

When compared to April sales, the first month after the Q1 2020, Tesla delivered just 3,635 Model 3’s.

Also during July, Tesla was able to produce 12,571 units at its Giga Shanghai facility. During Tesla’s Q2 2020 report, the automaker provided an update on Giga Shanghai, saying production had already ramped up to a rate of 200,000 vehicles per year, or 4,000 per week, matching the numbers reported on Monday.

The strong Model 3 production figures is more than three times more than the next closest competitor, the SGMW Hongguang MINI EV, of which 3,997 units were produced in July (via Tesmanian).

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting China early in the year, it appears as though Tesla and the Chinese EV market has almost fully recovered, much quicker than what can be seen happening in the rest of the world.

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