Tesla Full Self-Driving beta reacts to avoid deer crossing a road at night

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta continues to show off impressive human-like behaviours. The latest example shows the self-driving software recognizing and reacting to deer crossing a road, in the dark.

The interesting footage was captured by Dirty Tesla, an FSD beta tester in Michigan. While driving down a dirt road with no lane markings, a scene unfolds that many Canadians are very familiar with.

Travelling at a relatively slow speed of 29mph (46km/h), a deer pops out on the left side of the road. Almost immediately, it is recognized by the cameras and displayed on the screen by a small yellow box, which is used to represent pedestrians.

As the Model 3 gets closer to the deer, the car begins to slow down and attempts to plan a path around the deer to avoid a collision. Since the deer is not stationary, the system is able to quickly correct its path from initially going to the right of the deer and switch to the left.

After successfully navigating around the deer, the car accelerates back to its original speed.

While the reactions of the self-driving software to this situation were no doubt impressive, it will be interesting to see how it would have handled it at highway speeds. Once FSD beta arrives in Canada we will surely see more scenarios like this play out on Canadian roads.

Check out the full video below.

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