A new Tesla neighbourhood has launched in Las Vegas

A new project called The Arches in Las Vegas is launching a community of Tesla-powered homes in the Sin City.

The project includes 51 new homes, each coming with the following installed:

  • Solar Panels
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Two EV charging stations

In its advertising, Lenner has said this to perspective buyers:

The Arches is a unique Lennar community featuring included solar panels, the Tesla Powerwall, and two universal EV chargers at each homesite. All combined, these features make The Arches a net-zero solar community.

Lennar Division Vice President, Joy Broddle, had this to say about the new development:

With incredible energy-saving initiatives and well-designed floorplans, The Arches has something for households at any stage in life. This community is ideal for anyone looking to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle and take advantage of the year-round sunshine that the Las Vegas Valley has to offer.

Sunnova is the Tesla Powerwall installation partner on the Lennar project and is taking care of the solar and battery installations.

This is not the first community in the United States to build a Tesla-powered subdivision.

However, it is a growing trend.

A Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra project in Austin, Texas, is building a 12,000-home project where homeowners can opt for Tesla solar roofs and Powerwalls.

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