Hurricane Ian no match for Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall

kelly roofing
Credit: @KellyRoofing | Twitter

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida earlier this week, bringing with it 155mph (250km/h) winds, torrential rain and a 10′ storm surge.

The near Category-5 hurricane was deadly, killing more than 20 people, and also extremely damaging, destroying houses and infrastructure with early estimates pegging the damage at up to $50 billion.

While many residents are returning to find their homes in pieces, Tesla’s Solar Roof and Powerwall were able to make it through Hurricane Ian unscathed.

The extreme weather test results were shared by Kelly Roofing, a company that install Tesla Energy products in Florida. According to a tweet from the company, the Solar Roof was able to survive the hurricane with seemingly no damage and no tiles lost to the wind.

But maybe even more impressive was the Powerwalls, which survived being submerged under water for several hours. According to the company they are still functioning “perfectly.”

Not only were the products able to withstand one of the strongest hurricanes on record, they will also be able to provide the homeowner with power while the regular utilities are still offline from the damage from the hurricane.

Unfortunately Tesla’s Solar Roof is still unavailable in Canada, despite Elon Musk saying it would be arriving in 2021.

Canadians can purchase Powerwalls, but not directly from Tesla. There are a number of certified installers across the country, but they typically aren’t cheap.

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