Tesla announces Powerwall 3 specs and availability

Tesla has officially launched the Powerwall 3 (PW3), the latest generation of their home battery energy storage solution in an update to the company’s website on Tuesday night, including the unit’s specs and availability.

Earlier this year the first signs of Powerwall 3 emerged as Tesla worked to have the unit certified and approved with utility companies. Now Tesla has released the official specs, one week after the first installation was reported to have taken place in southern California.

According to Tesla’s website PW3 has the same 13.5kWh energy capacity as Powerwall 2 (PW2), but the big change is the 11.5kW of continuous backup power, a large increase from the 7kW continuous and 10kW peak in PW2. Another big change is an integrated solar inverter with 6 solar inputs, up from 4 on PW2.

Here are all the specs of PW3, compared with PW2 and Powerwall +. (click to enlarge)

As you can see from the dimensions (43.25 in x 24 in x 7.6 in), PW3 also has a much smaller form factor, highlighted by this side-by-side image Tesla released of PW3 and PW2 (left), which comes pretty close to our approximation we put together earlier this year on the right.

Tesla says that one PW3 will be enough to keep the lights on for most households, but that it is scalable with system expansion available anytime to 40.5 kWh max addition per unit.

Unfortunately the one piece that Tesla did not release was the price, but the company did say it will be available to order in “starting 2024.” This is a little surprising considering the first installations began last week, but Tesla could be using those customers as trial runs before officially launching the product to the general public.

As before, Powerwall is still unavailable to order directly from Tesla in Canada, but you can get PW2 through third party installers by clicking on ‘Get Powerwall’ on Tesla’s Canadian website.

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