Starlink takes to the air on first JSX flight

SpaceX has announced that Starlink took its first flight on a JSX jet this week. JSX and SpaceX partnered earlier this year to provide free in-flight WiFi on all of the planes operated by the small semi-private airline based out of Dallas, Texas.

In a tweet from the official SpaceX Twitter account, the aerospace company said passengers enjoyed high-speed, low-latency internet on the first Starlink-equipped JSX jet this week.

In a follow up, SpaceX said more JSX jets will be equipped with Starlink Aviation “in the weeks ahead,” highlighting that “as soon as you walk on your flight, the internet works.”

The claim of high-speed, low-latency internet was backed up by one passenger who tweeted that he was able to watch Netflix on his flight.

While this is the first passenger flight onboard a Starlink-equipped JSX jet, this is not the first time JSX has taken passengers in the air to test Starlink. Back in September SpaceX held a demo of their Starlink internet service onboard a JSX plane for a select group of media.

Since JSX became the first airline to sign a deal with SpaceX for Starlink service on their planes, Hawaiian Airlines has also announced they have partnered with SpaceX for Starlink to be added to some of their routes.

Delta Airlines has also done some preliminary testing of Starlink, but has not officially announced a deal with SpaceX yet.

Delta Airlines tested Starlink internet services

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