dearMoon crew unveiled for 2023 SpaceX mission

The Japanese billionaire behind the upcoming SpaceX mission, dearMoon, has unveiled the eight-person crew flying alongside him.

The crew will be led by Yusaku Maezawa, an online fashion retail mogul who bought the entire flight in 2018.

In an interesting move, the online fashion mogul picked an artist-centred crew that includes musicians, actors, photographers and dancers.

The crew is as follows:

  • Steve Aoki- DJ, producer and EDM artist, there is no word on whether he can bring his patented cake.
  • Tim Dodd- YouTube creator from the channel “Everyday Astronaut.”
  • Yemi A.D.- Choreographer and artist
  • Karim Iliya- Photographer
  • Rhiannon Adam- Photographer
  • Brendan Hall- Filmmaker
  • Dev Joshi- Actor
  • T.O.P.- Rapper

The backups for the mission are:

  • Miyu- Dancer
  • Kaitlyn Farrington- Snowboarder

Maezawa announced the crew via a video on the mission’s YouTube channel.

This will be the second trip to space Yusaku Maezawa.

He previously flew to the International Space Station back in December 2021 with Russian cosmonauts on a Soyuz spacecraft.

The dearMoon project was announced back in 2018 with the goal of bringing astronauts to the moon.

The flight is scheduled to be on SpaceX’s Starship.

The project is planning to launch in 2023; this launch window may be pushed due to the launch schedule and Starship‘s successful tests.

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