NRStor launches a resiliency pilot program in Toronto with the Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

NRStor, in collaboration with Enbridge, Toronto Hydro and MPower Solutions, is launching a resiliency pilot program utilizing Tesla Powerwalls near Spadina and College in downtown Toronto

The program will allow eligible homeowners to rent a Tesla Powerwall for $29.99 per month on a 10-year rental and a one-time connection charge of $1,500. 

The cost to buy and install a Tesla Powerwall in Canada is between $18,000 and $22,000, according to Kuby Energy

So this kind of program can help make this kind of investment a little easier to afford on a monthly basis. 

The Powerwall will provide reliable backup power during grid outages, manage peak electricity usage and monitor real-time energy consumption. It could also result in a reduction in your peak energy bill.

To be eligible, homeowners need to have the following:

  • The customer’s Home must be located in the Spadina and College area, generally understood to be the area between Bloor Street West, Roxton Road, Dundas Street West, and University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario;
  • Customer must be the owner of a detached or semi-detached house (apartment and condominium units are not eligible);
  • Customer must have 200 Amp electrical service and an adequate internet connection;
  • The customer must have a clear wall space in the basement, garage, or main floor (preferably close to the electrical panel) that is approximately 6ft high, 8 ft wide, and easily accessible.

The exact map of the area in question can be seen below. 

Tesla Cyberquad for kids featuring ...
Tesla Cyberquad for kids featuring Frans von Holzhausen

We are not clear on if there are time or other restrictions on this program, but it is certainly worth looking at if you live in the area! 

You can find out more information and apply for the program here.

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