Tesla Model Y and Model 3 top list of reliable EVs in China

One of the latest lists Tesla has topped is in China. The company’s Model Y and Model 3 have been rated the two most reliable EVs in the Asian country, according to a survey by 12365Auto.

The survey covered about 40 different EV models. Final ratings were based on buyers’ complaints per 10,000 units of each model.

The result may be surprising for readers in North America, where Tesla cars are often bashed for poor build quality.

However, Model Y scored the least complaints in the survey, followed by Model 3.

On average, there were 19.2 complaints per 10,000 vehicles for EVs in China.

The Model Y had only 2.22, while the Model 3 logged 2.7.

The EV with the most complaint in China is the Lixiang ONE racking up 41.8. In second place is the BYD Han with 38.5.

Another BYD, the Dolphin, rounds out the top three with 37.8.

Meanwhile, users didn’t have many problems with the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV and NIO ES6, with 2.9 and 3.1 complaints, respectively.

Apart from scoring high in build quality, the Model Y recently topped the best-selling SUV list in China. 

The Model 3 also topped the list of the most efficient EVs of 2022.


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