Tesla Cybertruck with new design features spotted on Fremont test track

There has been another sighting of the new Tesla Cybertruck, revealing for the first time some never before seen design features of the electric truck.

This time the Cybertruck was spotted doing laps at the Fremont factory test track.

In a drone flyover of the factory posted to YouTube this morning, the Cybertruck can been parked on the side of the test track as a Model S performs some high speed runs.

Unfortunately the drone operator doesn’t focus on the electric truck at first, but its design is unmistakable.

Credit: Chile Al100 /YouTube

Fortunately moments later the drone operator returns to the Cybertruck to give us our best look yet at the new design, but not before it does a few high speed runs itself.

Thanks to some extreme close ups, we see the Cybertruck features what may be the biggest wiper blade on a consumer vehicle.

We also see the truck bed, or Vault as Tesla calls it, is no longer exposed stainless steel but instead features what appears to be a rubber liner.

We also get to a better look at the new removable side mirrors, both fully extended and folded in, driving lights, and so much more.


You can watch the Cybertruck in all its glory below.

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