Tesla begins Cybertruck deliveries with Tactical Grey interior, but requests customers pick white due to limited availability

Tesla has started deliveries of the Cybertruck with the new Tactical Grey interior, but the company is also asking customers that opted for this new interior colour (or the new wheels) to switch back to their original choice as the options won’t be available until later this year.

Tesla launched the Cybertruck late last year with just one interior colour choice – white and black. The white colour, even though it was only on the dash and door cards, received some criticism because it wasn’t deemed a good choice for a truck.

Tesla stuck with the white interior as it ramped production of the Cybertruck, before giving customers a second choice for the interior in early May, Tactical Grey. At the same time, Tesla also added a new wheel option – 20″ Core Wheel Cover paired with 35″ All-Season Tires.

Nearly two months after Tesla launched these new options, the first delivery of a Cybertruck with a Tactical Grey interior happened over the weekend in Houston, Texas, according to photos shared on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

However, it appears as though production of the new interior and the new Core Wheels (we haven’t seen these be delivered yet) will be limited for quite a while. Just as the first delivery was happening, some customers reported they received text messages from Tesla asking them to switch back to their original choices for faster delivery.

According to the message, Tesla says Tactical Grey and the Core Wheels “are not expected to be available until later in 2024.” As a result, Tesla is giving customers who picked one, or both, of the new options to switch back “for a limited time.” (via Reddit)

Credit: Reddit

Here’s a good video showing the new Tactical Grey interior for the Cybertruck.

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