Elon Musk confirms Tesla Cybertruck delayed, will “hopefully” arrive in 2023

During Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, Elon Musk provided additional details on the Cybertruck, and the news wasn’t good.

The production date of the electric truck has slipped and will now “hopefully” arrive in 2023.

Although initial reports noted that the delay was due to battery pack shortages, it seems, at least from the CEO, that is one of many factors delaying the vehicle.

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The other factors are two-fold. Firstly, the Cybertruck has a lot of tech on board, and due to that, the price continued to creep in the wrong direction.

So, Tesla is now looking at making the vehicle more affordable.

Essentially, Musk said that Tesla could make something indefinitely desirable, but if it is is out of someone’s price range, it does not matter.

Secondly, the delays stem from the very tech that makes the vehicle expensive. Tesla wants to make sure that everything is working to their standard, which will require some additional engineering.

Further to this, Tesla wants to focus on delivering more vehicles in 2022 and introducing a new vehicle to production is not the best way to meet those internal production goals in 2022.

By the sounds of it, the delays are not connected with factory issues at all.

Musk did confirm that Tesla is aiming to produce 250,000 Cybertruck’s per year at volume production. However, he did not provide a timeline on when he would like to see the company hit this benchmark.

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