Tesla Cybertruck prototype spotted with its air suspension cranked [Video]

Credit: CybertruckOwnersClub

We already know the Tesla Cybertruck will come with adjustable air suspension, but a new video has emerged showing just how high the electric pickup truck will be when the air suspension is adjusted to its highest setting.

The video shows one of the alpha production Cybertrucks traversing the hallways of what appears to be Giga Texas. We know it is one of the alpha prototypes as it has silver wheels and the square side mirrors, and not the triangular design spotted on the latest beta production build earlier this month.

Unfortunately the video, which was shared on the CybertruckOwnersClub forum, is extremely low quality and likely lifted from the site where it was originally posted. However it still gives us a good idea at the ride height of the Cybertruck.

According to Tesla’s website the Cybertruck will be able to “raise and lower suspension four inches in either direction,” and from the video that number appears to maybe even be conservative with the Cybertruck looking like it could take on some very rough terrain in off-road mode. For reference the prototypes are equipped with 35″ tires, but the increased ride height makes even those massive wheels look small in comparison.

UPDATE Feb 22 9:25am PT: A new, much clearer video has been shared now giving us a much better look at the Cybertruck at its maximum air suspension setting.

As Cybertruck production is getting closer, the number of sightings has also increased in recent weeks. Earlier this month the first sighting in several months occurred in Palo Alto, with Elon Musk later confirming in a tweet to Drive Tesla that it was the latest Cybertruck beta build, but that many more tweaks were going to happen before they arrive at the final production version.

One of those tweaks will hopefully be to the massive wiper blade which has remained unchanged from earlier prototypes.

As for production, that is still scheduled to begin later this summer. Crews at Giga Texas have been assembling Cybertruck production equipment over the last few months and Tesla has been hiring for numerous positions along the production line.

Tesla may have also accidentally  on purpose shared a glimpse of the Cybertruck’s frame in a video released last week for Valentine’s Day.

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