Tesla Cybertruck moulds for 9,000 ton Giga Press arrive at Giga Texas

Tesla has received another piece of the Cybertruck production puzzle as the automaker has taken delivery of the die casting moulds that will be used in IDRA’s 9,000 ton Giga Press.

Tesla is getting closer and closer to starting production of the long-awaited Cybertruck. The most recent development regards the 9,000 ton Giga Press that started arrived at Giga Texas last month. Due to it sheer size the casting machine arrived in several smaller pieces over the course of a few weeks, all of which will need to be put back together inside Giga Texas.

Work began on that assembly only last week, within just a few days crews at the factory have progressed very quickly, as seen in the stills from drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer’s videos on January 13 (left) and January 18, 2023 (right) below.

While the rapid pace of assembly of the Giga Press is definitely a good sign, another piece that is required before Tesla can begin testing the machine are the die casting moulds. These are the massive plates that have a cavity where molten metal is injected and formed in the shape of the Cybertruck body, all within mere seconds.

According to a bill of landing uncovered by Greg (@greggertruck), these moulds arrived at the port of Houston from China back in early December, with another similar shipment arriving this week on January 16, 2023. The documents show that a company called ZDM (Zhenzi) Machinery & Mould Co. created the moulds for Tesla.


Although it went unnoticed, it appears as though some of these moulds may have already arrived at Giga Texas. In Tegtmeyer’s drone flyover of the casting area of the factory on January 13 we can see what appear to be at least five or six die casting moulds waiting to be installed in a Giga Press.

All of these developments are pointing towards Tesla being on track for a mid-2023 production start of the Cybertruck. Two major pieces that remain however is for Tesla to unveil the final production version of the electric truck, and its pricing.

You can watch the latest drone flyover and see the latest progress on the assembly of the Giga Press below.

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