Tesla Cybertruck spotted with new side mirror design [Update]

On the same day that Elon Musk said he had reviewed a beta production version of the Cybertruck, it appears to have been spotted on the roads of Palo Alto, California, according to a photo taken and shared on Instagram on January 31, 2023.

Unfortunately only one photo of the Cybertruck was shared, but it does show at least one new design feature – the side mirrors, leading us to believe this could be the beta production version mentioned by Musk.

On the previous builds of the Cybertruck that have been spotted and seen numerous times, the side mirrors were rectangular in shape, as you can see in this photo we took at the Cyber Rodeo last year. In this new sighting of the Cybertruck the side mirror has more of an angular shape to match the lines of the Cybertruck itself.

Based on previous comments from Musk, those side mirrors will be removable. (h/t: @tyler_winks)

Other than the side mirror, there is not much different that we can spot between this version of Cybertruck compared to previous builds. It is difficult to tell from the angle and the shadows in the photo, but it looks like this version still has an integrated tonneau cover.

UPDATE 1:10pm PT: A video has now been posted of the Cybertruck, and it appears to show a new tail light design as well. One the version that was displayed at the Cyber Rodeo the taillights went across the rear of the truck, whereas now they are just on the sides.


Can you spot any other differences? Let us know in the comments below.


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