Latest Tesla Cybertruck sighting shows the massive wiper lives on

There has been another sighting of the latest beta production build of the Tesla Cybertruck, this time from the front, and it shows the electric stuck still has the controversial and massive front wiper.

Last week there was the first sighting of the latest version of the Cybertruck in Palo Alto, California, but the photo and video only showed the Cybertruck from the side and the rear. The new footage showed the design had been updated with triangular shaped side mirrors to match the lines of the Cybertruck itself. Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet to Drive Tesla that it was the latest build and very close to the production design (and that the side mirrors are still going to be removable), but that more tweaks were needed before it will be finalized.

Many fans are now hoping one of those design tweaks still to come will be to the front wiper of the Cybertruck, as a new photo shared by Marc Delice on the Tesla Cybertruck Facebook page shows it is still present on this latest version. Unfortunately no other information was included with the photo, but we presume it was taken today, also in Palo Alto. (h/t: @greggertruck)

The massive wiper has been a thorn in the side of many Tesla fans, and apparently Musk himself who has previously said this part of the design troubles him the most. He had also suggested a wiper that could be stowed behind the front trunk would be ideal, but at the same time complex to accomplish. Based on this photo it appears they were unable to implement this suggested design…yet.

Fortunately Musk has also previously said this monolithic wiper is “not the production wiper,” so we could still see a change by the time it lands in the hands of the first customers. If this turns out to be the final design, it will actually be two larger wiper blades under the single arm. We noticed this when we got an up close look at the wiper at the Cyber Rodeo last year.

Other than the side mirrors, there doesn’t appear to be anything very different from the front of the Cybertruck on this latest beta production build. Do you spot anything new? Let us know in the comments below.

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