Tesla Cybertruck frame gets teased in new video as job posting for Senior Quality Stamping Engineer gets published

Tesla is getting closer to the start of Cybertruck production with a new job posting seeking a Senior Quality Engineer. At the same time, the company appears to have teased the massive frame of the Cybertruck in a new video released on Tuesday.

Tesla has been hiring for Cybertruck production since last year, and currently has 17 different job postings published on their Careers website related to the futuristic looking electric truck. The latest to be added this week is for a Senior Quality Engineer – Stamping.

According to the job description, first spotted by Cybertruck enthusiast Greg (@greggertruck), the Senior Quality Engineer will be “responsible for all incoming, inline, and outgoing quality for the Stamping, Cybertruck manufacturing areas” at Giga Texas.

Tesla gave us a look inside Giga Berlin just yesterday where in a new drone flight through the factory we got to see the stamping line producing up to 16 parts per minute for the Model Y, all stamped with a total force of 7,300 tons.

Tesla Cybertruck Frame

But perhaps more importantly Tesla released another video today for Valentine’s Day titled ‘Robot Dating,’ showing off a compilation of “hot single robots in your area.” The video was obviously one of the company’s more comedic productions, but they appear to have included a significant easter egg in it.

The second bachelor in the video was Joey 2000, a robot that likes working out and can lift up to 40,000lbs. In its short appearance in the video the robot can be seen holding on to a very large frame with what appears to be front and rear castings. (h/t: @alex_avoigt)

Tesla does of course use front and rear castings in the Model Y, but this frame is much too large to be that of the electric SUV. You can see in the image below the passenger compartment for the frame of the Model Y is much smaller than what we see above.


We have only seen one leaked photo of the Cybertruck frame so far, but that photo isn’t quite at the correct angle to make any meaningful comparisons to know if this is the real deal. However just given the fact it looks so different than anything else we know about and have seen of the Model Y and its castings, this does look to belong to the Cybertruck.

Unfortunately we don’t know if Tesla has got their 9,000 ton Giga Press operating yet as they covered the windows to prevent drone pilots from seeing inside. But based on how quickly it was being put together while the windows were open for viewing, they could very well be already testing the Giga Press.

You can watch the full video below. Do you think this is the Cybertruck frame? Let us know in the comments section below.


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