Tesla Cybertruck bodies spotted at Giga Texas

While construction continues at Giga Texas to get it ready to begin production of the Model Y later this year, what appears to be Cybertruck bodies have arrived at the new factory.

Spotted in a drone flyover of Giga Texas earlier today by Jeff Roberts, the three Cybertruck bodies are wrapped in green protective plastic and look they were recently shipped to Austin from Fremont.

Although the wrapping makes it difficult to say for sure that they are indeed Cybertruck bodies, there are some tell-tale signs that hint at the angular design of the electric truck.

Cybertruck wrapped
Image via @OwnenSparks_ /Twitter

It looks like the Cybertruck bodies arrived as early as yesterday, as they were also spotted by another drone operator, Terafactory Texas on July 28, 2021.

Terafactory Cybertruck
Image via Terafactory Texas /YouTube

Giga Texas has also been testing and validating manufacturing equipment on Model Y bodies. Several have already been spotted at various parts of the factory, along with images from the interior showing the assembly robots, Body Shop and Stamping Press have already been installed.

If these are indeed Cybertruck bodies, it is a good sign that Giga Texas will have the first cars roll off the production line later this year. In the Q2 2021 earnings report Tesla confirmed that the new factory will begin production with the Model Y, and later with the Cybertruck.

You can check out the drone flyover from Terafactory Texas below.


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