Tesla Cybertruck production will begin at Giga Texas after Model Y production begins

Earlier this month it was reported that Tesla was planning to begin Cybertruck production ahead of the Model Y at Giga Texas. It appears as though those rumours were false based on the automaker’s latest earnings report.

In their Q2 2021 earnings report published this afternoon, Tesla has confirmed that Cybertruck production will begin at Giga Texas, but only after the Model Y has begun first.

“We are also making progress on the industrialization of Cybertruck, which is currently planned for Austin production subsequent to Model Y.”

When will Model Y Production Begin?

The big question that comes next is when will the Model Y begin production at Giga Texas? Based on images in the Q2 2021 report, Tesla is making excellent progress with the Model Y factory in Austin. Photos showed the Body Shop and Stamping Press appearing almost complete.

We have also recently seen a Model Y body arrive at Giga Texas to help fine tune the manufacturing equipment inside the factory.

Also in their earnings report, Tesla said they are still on track to begin production at Giga Texas in 2021. It hopefully won’t be too long until we see the Cybertruck make an appearance in The Lone Star State.

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