Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck coming soon to a store near you

Even though it won’t be available in real life until later this year, Hot Wheels will be launching a mini version of the Tesla Cybertruck soon.

The mini Cybertruck is not the same as the 1:64 scale RC Cybertruck released by Hot Wheels earlier this year. This is the traditional Hot Wheels toy cars that sell for around $1 at stores.

Spotted by The Daily Dose on YouTube, the Hot Wheels Cybertruck appears in Case M. This is the same case the blue Model 3 appeared in last year.

The Hot Wheels Cybertruck looks quite realistic with its metal finish. It does have door handles though, which we now know won’t be part of the real like production version.

As with previous releases, the Cybertruck will likely appear on shelves outside of North America in a month or two. They should then arrive at US stores first, and begin showing up in Canada soon thereafter.

Good luck on your search, and try not to hoard too many for yourself!

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