Heads up Tesla fans – Hot Wheels just released a blue Tesla Model 3

Blue Tesla Model 3 Hot Wheels close up

Blue Tesla Model 3 owners, get ready to go Hot Wheels bin diving, as your car is the latest Model 3 to be released by Hot Wheels.

In the strangely popular world of unboxing videos, WS Mart Diecast recently posted two videos of the Hot Wheels Case M & N 2020 collection showing off the new miniature Tesla.

It features the Deep Blue Metallic paint job, and the newer style wheels and same 112/250 number found on the most recent Midnight Silver Metallic (MSM) Model 3 Hot Wheels.

There is now a Red, White, Midnight Silver Metallic, and Blue Hot Wheels Tesla Model 3 with this latest release. That just leave the Black Model 3 as the last remaining one to be added to the collection.

As with the last release of the MSM Hot Wheels Model 3, this will likely appear on shelves outside of North America first. The US will probably see it first, with it appearing on Canadian shelves soon after.

Good luck on your search, and try not to hoard too many for yourself!

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