Tesla Cybertruck won’t get Steam gaming due to hardware limitations

It looks like Tesla owners who were hoping to play Cyberpunk in their Cybertruck are going to be disappointed as the electric pickup truck’s computer doesn’t support Steam gaming, at least based on how the company has rolled out the streaming video game option in the Model S and Model X.

Tesla launched Steam gaming to their flagship Model S and Model X vehicles late in 2022, but not for all of them. Despite the refresh Model S and Model X having been around for over a year at the time, the computer in earlier builds featured less RAM and storage, with only newer builds having the required 16GB RAM and 256GB storage capacity.

In the lead up to Tesla starting deliveries of the Cybertruck, everyone was expecting it to also have Steam integration, giving it is the company’s latest vehicle with the latest technology, including a massive 18.5″ screen, the largest Tesla has included in one of their vehicles. However, Steam has so far not been mentioned on any of Tesla’s marketing materials, and not appeared in any customer-owned Cybertrucks. As it turns out, that is because Tesla appears to be going down the same road with the Cybertruck as they did with the Model S/X.

According to hacker @greentheonly on X, the specs of the Cybertruck computer matches that of the early Model S/X builds, in that it only has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. Another reason Steam has not appeared is that the Cybertruck might not have a discrete GPU (dGPU), something else that Tesla requires for Steam integration, although green said he was unsure on this point.

Regardless, green points out that unless Tesla relaxes their requirements (16GB RAM, 256GB storage) for Steam gaming, there will be no Cyberpunk, or any of the other thousands of games on the Steam platform, in your Cybertruck.

This naturally brings up the question of retrofits. When it was pointed out that early Model S/X did not have the required specs for Steam, Elon Musk said on X that retrofits would be made available. This should mean that if Tesla ever starts building the Cybertruck with Steam-capable hardware, retrofits will also be available, but they won’t be cheap as it costs around US$2,300 to retrofit Model S/X.

Here are green’s other findings on the Cybertruck, including that its front display has a resolution of 2560×1440, larger than the 2200×1300 in the Model S/X like we mentioned above. Additionally, the resolution of the rear screen is 1440×900, also better than the Model S/X which have the same size screen but are software-limited to 1280×720.

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