Giga Texas will start with Cybertruck production later this year as pace of construction surpasses Giga Berlin: Report

Tesla’s newest factories in Austin, Texas and Berlin, Germany have been dueling it out over the last year plus to see which will finish construction first.

Even though Giga Berlin had a head start, it looks like Giga Texas will be the first to have cars rolling off the production line, and it might not be the car everyone is anticipating.

According to Tesla enthusiast and delivery estimator @TroyTeslike, sources have told him that Giga Texas construction is far ahead that of Giga Berlin. Those same sources have informed Troy that Tesla in expecting production to begin in Germany in December, meaning Texas could see production begin early this fall.

Considering that is just a few months away, most Tesla-watchers were expecting Giga Texas to kick off production with the Model Y – a car the automaker knows well and is already building at Fremont and Giga Shanghai.

But based on information supplied to Troy, Giga Texas will actually start production with the highly anticipated Cybertruck. That Cybertruck will reportedly have Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells and structural battery pack, which will also be manufactured in Texas.

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As always, information supplied through anonymous sources should be taken cautiously. With that said, Troy has provided solid and reliable information from his sources in the past, and hopefully this time will be no different.


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