GM confirms third electric pickup truck

Yesterday, General Motors confirmed that they would offer at least three large electric pickup trucks. This third pickup does not have a name as of yet.

However, it will join the already announced GMC Hummer EV and the electric Chevrolet Silverado.

The new GMC full-size electric pickup will be more of a traditional pickup when compared to the HMC Hummer EV. Many in the media predict that the company will call it a Sierra, but the company has not confirmed the name.

This latest announcement is part of GM’s plan to release 30 new EV’s by 2025. The company plans to invest $35 billion in EV and autonomous vehicles as they transition to fully electric by 2035. The company plans to sell at least 1 million EVs per year by 2025.

GM’s three pickups will enter a competitive space in North America. Rivian is still hoping to release their R1T electric pickup truck this year. At the same time, Tesla and Ford are slated to release their EV trucks in 2022.

Stellantis also confirmed that the EV Ram releases in 2024.

However, none of these auto manufactures has delivered or sold a truck yet. So, GM enters an unknown space, with three options that they hope will keep customers coming back to the GMC, Hummer and Chevrolet brands.

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