The next Tesla Gigafactory will be in Austin, Texas

On today’s Q2 2020 earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally revealed the location of the next Gigafactory in the US will be in Austin, Texas.

After Musk announced earlier this year they were looking to expand operations with a new factory in the central US, the battle came down to two locations, Tulsa, Oklahoma and the eventual winter, Austin.

The decision comes after Tesla recently received several huge incentive deals that will see them save hundreds of millions of dollars over the next two decades.

There were a few details of the new site revealed by Musk during the call, including that it will be Tesla’s biggest location so far at 2,000 acres. It will be located 15 minutes away from the airport and will be situated next to the Colorado River.

Austin Gigafactory

Initial design plans includes trails, a boardwalk, and will be as Musk described an “ecological oasis”. The site will not be limited to Tesla employees, and will be open for the public to enjoy as well.

Tesla is wasting no time to get the factory built, as he indicated construction has already begun with the first work commencing last weekend.

When complete in 2021, the facility will produce Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for the eastern half of the US. Fremont will continue to manufacture both vehicles for the western half.

The Tesla Semi and Roadster will also be built at the new factory.

Soon after the announcement, Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter to thank Tesla and Elon Musk for selecting Austin, sharing a picture of the two during a recent meeting.

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