Tesla Chief Designer shows off matte black Cybertruck

Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen has customized a pre-production Cybertruck, giving it a colour other than stainless steel for the first time.

Tesla has already announced it is getting into the vehicle wrap business, launching a Model 3 and Model Y wrap service in the US last month. It is expected that Tesla will extend this wrap service to the Cybertruck next year, and based on what was seen over the weekend, one of the colours offered for the Cybertruck will be stealth matte black.

Earlier this year a Tesla fan photoshopped an image of the Cybertruck to give it a matte black finish. The colour choice was clearly popular among fans as the photo went viral when it was originally posted in April, and for some reason again last month. Apparently Tesla’s Chief Designer was one of them. Over the weekend von Holzhausen was seen driving around Santa Monica in a stealth matte black wrapped Cybertruck, later showing it off at a cars and coffee event.

What was perhaps most interesting about this Cybertruck was how the contrast between the deep dark black of the body contrasted with the headlights, making it seem like the photos and videos were out of a video game rather than real life.

Despite how good it looked from a distance, seeing it up close revealed a different story as the wrap itself appeared to have been poorly applied, particularly in areas where it should have been wrapped around the edges. There were also many comments on the poor build quality of the vehicle itself, but this should be expected as it was a pre-production unit, and could be the same one that von Holzhausen took to a cars and coffee event at the Petersen Museum in the summer.

If and when Tesla does launch a Cybertruck wrap service, it will be interesting to see how it is priced. The Model 3 and Model Y wraps ranges from US$7,500 to US$8,000 depending on the color. Theoretically the Cybertruck should be much easier to wrap thanks its flat body panels and not having to deal with the curves found on the Model 3/Y. This should make it cheaper, however the Cybertruck is a larger vehicle with larger body panels, so would require more material to complete the job, likely offsetting the fact it is an easier job.

Here’s a walk-around video of the matte black Cybertruck at the cars and coffee event.

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