Wait times for Tesla Model 3 stretch into November as demand soars, little to no used inventory available

Demand for Tesla vehicles in North America is currently at all-time highs. We have previously reported that the Q3 supply of Model Y inventory was already sold out before the quarter even began.

That high level of demand is now spilling over to the Model 3.

New Inventory

According to the Design Studio, customers placing orders for the Long Range (LR) variant could be waiting until mid-November to receive their new cars.

The up to 16-week long wait applies to the LR Model 3 in both Canada and the US. If everything goes well that wait could be as short as 10 weeks, meaning a late September delivery.

The wait is nearly as long for the entry-level Standard Range Plus (SR+) with estimated delivery dates as far out as 13 weeks (mid-October) possible.

Even the Performance Model 3, which can usually be in your driveway within a matter of weeks is also seeing high demand with estimated delivery dates of between 7-11 weeks.

All of the estimated delivery dates are the same between Canada and the US.

Model 3 wait times

Used Inventory

If you are in need of a car and can’t wait as long as this to receive your car, buying used from Tesla isn’t much better.

In a review of Tesla’s website for inventory across Canada, there is currently just one used SR+ Model 3 available in Vancouver and one ‘new’ LR Model 3 listed as available in Saskatoon at the time of publication.

There is no new or used Model Y inventory in Canada.

Model 3 inventory

The high demand comes even as Tesla has increased the prices of their cars several times this year already. The automaker should be able to increase supply of the Model Y soon with the opening of Giga Texas, hopefully later this year.

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