Tesla Superchargers in the UK set to open to all EVs “within weeks or months”

Tesla is preparing to open its expansive Supercharger network to all electric vehicles in the United Kingdom “within weeks or months.”

That is according to UK transport minister Trudy Harrison, who in a recent interview with Electrifying.com said the government has been in discussions with “large car and chargepoint infrastructure people to persuade them to make some of their charging infrastructure available for others as well.”

When asked by Electrifying.com’s Ginny Buckley if that was Tesla, Harrison said it was and that Tesla “has been absolutely brilliant in working with us.”

While Harrison couldn’t provide an exact date for when the Supercharger network will open to other EVs in the UK, she did say it was going to happen “within weeks or months rather than years.”

Tesla’s Supercharger network covers 87 different locations and 780 stalls across the UK.

Tesla has already opened access to their Superchargers in the Netherlands, France, and Norway.

The automaker has also opened up the network in Poland and Slovakia to assist those attempting to flee the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war.

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