UK government offering Rivian incentives for UK factory

According to reporting by the Financial Times, the UK government is offering additional incentives to attract Rivian to the country.

These incentives include infrastructure and facilities.

As per the reporting, the UK government offered to invest in significant infrastructure projects. This includes building a new M5 motorway junction and reinstating a disused railway line at Gravity Business Park near Bristol.

In addition, the government also offered to develop training facilities for the company.

According to the report, the UK is competing with Serbia and at least one other European country for the Rivian plant. A decision on the plant’s location is due by Rivian in the next few weeks.

Both Boris Johnson and Amazon Executives are taking part in the talks. However, nothing has come out on the nature of the discussions or if the UK is in the lead in terms of location for the plant.

Furthermore, no one is exactly sure what will be built in this plan. The site could build batteries, vehicles or potentially both.

The Bristol area is not new to auto manufacturing. In fact, Rivian could have an entire factory of autoworkers at its disposal in the UK as the Swindon Honda factory shut down earlier this year. Swindon is only an hour away from the proposed Bristol plant.

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Source: Financial Times

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