Court orders Tesla to buy back German Model 3

A court in Germany has ordered Tesla to buy back a Model 3 after the owner filed a complaint about the Full-Self Driving (FSD) package.

According to the complaint, when operating under FSD, the car was like “a drunk first-time driver.”

In Europe, FSD is not the same as what we see in North America. Due to local regulations, the system is not fully operational.

Tesla is still working through the various local regulations to allow the company to deploy the technology in its intended state.

However, it looks like the nerfing has resulted in a bad drive in this case. According to reporting by Spiegel on the case, the complaint did not paint FSD as a good investment.

“As a result, assistance functions such as automatically overtaking slower vehicles on the freeway did not work. The steering behaviour at entrances and exits or motorway junctions is spongy and resembles that of a “drunk novice driver.” Traffic lights and stop signs are not recognized.

According to Tesla, the company hopes to launch the FSD Beta in Europe this summer.

However, it will depend on regulatory approval, and evidently, that is a tough road to navigate.

Tesla has appealed the court’s verdict but did not provide a comment on the ongoing case.

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