Tesla Supercharger under construction in Kingston, Ontario [Update]

The Christmas wishes of thousands of Tesla owners in Ontario has come true. A new Supercharger is under construction in Kingston.

Kingston is currently home to an 8-stall V2 Supercharger at the King’s Crossing Fashion Outlet Centre.

Even with an expansion last year to go from 6 to 8 stalls, the location is frequently overcrowded with long line ups of Tesla owners waiting to plug in for a charge.


The good news is another Supercharger is under construction across the street at 88 Dalton Ave.

According to a photo shared with us, construction has only just begun and crews are digging up the ground in preparation to lay the underground conduit and wiring.

kingston supercharger

It is difficult to tell from this one photo but it appears it will be at least another 8 stalls, but this time V3 Superchargers capable of charging speeds up to 250kW.

UPDATE Dec 12 10:45am PST: Tesla has brought more prefabricated Superchargers to Canada. A semi truck was seen unloading a set of 8 pre-built Superchargers this morning. Tesla first did this in New Minas, Nova Scotia in October.

prefab kingston
Credit: @NoahWebb_ /Twitter


Another Supercharger in nearby Cornwall also recently saw some construction, adding two stalls at the second Supercharger to open in Canada.

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