Tesla brings prefabricated Superchargers to Canada

After testing it out in the United States earlier this year, Tesla has started using their prefabricated Supercharger installation method in Canada.

The prefabricated Superchargers were first spotted in April, where crews were able to expand the station in Beaver, Utah in just two days.

By constructing the Superchargers off-site, they arrive fully built and are placed in a pre-prepared area that only requires them to be hooked up to the utilities. This cuts down construction time from the typical month or more to a just a few days.

Now the first Supercharger in Canada is being built using this method in New Minas, Nova Scotia.

Construction began on Nova Scotia’s second Supercharger in mid-October, with crews doing some groundwork to lay the necessary utilities.

Earlier this morning two banks of four prefabricated Superchargers were laid in place. All that remains to be done is to turn the power on and repave the parking lot, and the Supercharger will be open to the public.

This new installation method will help Tesla rapidly expand their Supercharger network. The automaker recently announced plans to triple it from its current size over the next two years.

The expansion will come just in time as Tesla is planning to open the network to all EV drivers in parts of Europe before the end of the year.

It will be expanded to other markets in the future with the release of a special adapter that allows other EVs to use Tesla’s proprietary plug.

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