Tesla Supercharger in Estevan under construction [Saskatchewan]

Just a few weeks after opening Saskatchewan’s ninth Supercharger in Prince Albert, Tesla has started construction on its tenth station in the province in Estevan.

The new Supercharger station is located at the rear of the Estevan Market Mall, according to photos of the site taken by Matthew Demyen.

Although there is only some excavation completed and a few pieces of conduit laid down, there is no Supercharger equipment on site yet, but we know this is where it will be located after it was discovered the mall had entered into an agreement with Tesla to bring a station to the town last year.

Based on where it is located in the parking lot, the site will feature 8 V3 stalls when complete.

Estevan is a small town of less than 15,000 people, but will be an important charging stop for Tesla owners travelling across the border into Montana or North Dakota.

According to Tesla, the Estevan Supercharger will open in Q3 2022.

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