Tesla Supercharger coming soon to Estevan’s Market Mall [Saskatchewan]

Tesla Model 3 Supercharger

Tesla has signed an agreement with the Estevan Market Mall to build a new Supercharger on the south side of the mall. As originally reported by Estevan Mercury, the mall is currently undergoing a makeover, including the south side where they are adding new entrances.

Amenities within the plaza include a Sobeys, Tim Hortons, Dollarama, Mark’s Warehouse and Peavey Mart.

Image via Estevan Mercury

The Superchargers will probably be built on the bottom left of the site plan, where there are 8 parking stalls and some empty space right next to it that could be used for the associated electrical equipment.

A Supercharger in Estevan will serve as a connection between Saskatchewan and North Dakota, which means we could see a Supercharger in Minot in the near future.

The mall is located approximately 200 km from the existing Regina Superchargers, and about the same distance from downtown Minot. Currently the border with the United States remains closed, but is scheduled to reopen in August for fully vaccinated travelers.

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