Tesla Supercharger in Berthierville under construction [Quebec]

berthierville supercharger
Credit: Daniel Breton | Facebook

Tesla owners in Quebec are getting lots of love from the Canadian Supercharger team recently as four locations are now under construction or waiting to be turned on in the province.

The latest to be discovered is the Berthierville Supercharger, which has recently started construction in the parking lot of the IGA at 860 Av. Gabriel-Brissette. Nearby amenities include A&W, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, several other restaurants, as well as obviously IGA.

According to a photo shared by Daniel Breton on the Tesla Model 3/Y Quebec Facebook group, the site has been fenced off and much of the Supercharger equipment has already arrived.

Based on the photos and the equipment we can see, it appears as though this will be an 8-stall V3 Supercharger when complete.

Tesla is hoping to open the Berthierville Supercharger in Q4 2022.

There are currently three other Superchargers under construction or waiting to be turned on in Quebec in Gaspé, La Tuque, and Saint-Jérôme.

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