Tesla Supercharger in Gaspé under construction [Quebec]

The location of the second Tesla Supercharger along the Quebec’s Gaspé peninsula has been uncovered, and construction is already well underway.

The new Supercharger is located in the parking lot of the IGA Richard Cronier at 39 Mnt de Sandy-Beach. A member of the Tesla Model 3 Québec Facebook group discovered the site this week with 8 V3 stalls already in place.

There are also two ChargePoint stations located directly next to the Superchargers.

While construction is well underway, this is not an indication that the Gaspé Supercharger will open soon. The other Supercharger along the Gaspé peninsula in Matane took more than seven months to be turned on after construction began last year.

According to Tesla, the Gaspé Supercharger is scheduled to open in Q3 2022.

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