Tesla extends expiry date of referral Supercharger credits due to coronavirus outbreak

Last week Tesla owners were noticing their referral Supercharger credits had disappeared from their loot box, with some losing as many as 70,000 miles of free Supercharging.

It appeared as though that was due to some work behind the scenes, as a few days later most of them reappeared, along with a new expiry date.

For many Tesla owners, the expiry of their credits was going to happen while they are under lock-down measures due to the coronavirus outreak. Drive Tesla Canada reached out to Tesla for comment, and received the following statement from the company indicating the referral expiry date had been extended (click to enlarge).

Tesla referral extension

This news confirmed just minutes later by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, responding to Canadian Tesla owner @CovelloMassimo.

It is still unknown at this time how long the extension will be for, despite the indication my Loot Box would already show the extension.

Refresh for updates, we will update this story once we have confirmation on the new expiry dates.

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