Tesla fails to receive funding to install Superchargers in Texas with universal connectors

It was revealed last year that Tesla had applied with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) to receive funding to install Superchargers in the Lone Star State.

Making the application interesting was that the program required Tesla to also install either CHAdeMO or CCS connectors, along with their proprietary connector.

That led many to believe Tesla would soon be opening their network to other electric vehicles (EVs) in the US by installing Superchargers with dual connectors.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen as Tesla was not selected as one of the recipients to receive a share of the $21 million in program funding.

The decision by TEQC is a strange one considering Tesla was requesting far less money than those who were picked.

Tesla was requesting as little as $30,000 per charger, while others were asking for the maximum $150,000 allowed under the program.

If the agency had given all the funding to Tesla, they would have been able to install around 700 chargers. Instead, the program will see 170 chargers installed, according to a report by Forbes.

Not only has TEQC selected the most expensive options, the applications that were selected will see almost all chargers installed at existing gas stations.

The decision is also strange considering Tesla moved their headquarters to Texas, and last week opened their brand new factory in Austin.

Despite having the factory in Austin, Tesla is also still not allowed to sell their cars directly to customers in Texas.

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