Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD version spotted at Giga Texas

Model Y SR DM

We had seen rumours that the Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD was eventually going to show up, and it looks like it is in production.

During Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas, Twitter user @tesla_raj popped into a Model Y at the factory that had a Cyber Rodeo wrap.

Once in the car, he did some snooping and found that the vehicle was a Model Y Standard Range Dual-Motor version.

The VIN associated with the car confirmed that it was built in Giga Texas.

Based on the video and the rough calculation of extrapolating the range on a full charge, this seems to be the Model Y version listed in the EPA data last month.


Tesla delivery tracker @TroyTeslike surmised this new version must contain the new 4680 battery cells, and provided a quick explanation of why.

With production limited to the Kato Rd facility, and work beginning to produce them at Giga Texas, the 4680s are slower to build than other battery cells.

However, with a smaller 68kWh battery requiring less cells in the Standard Range version compared to the Long Range version (82kWh), Tesla can still produce a fair amount of vehicles quickly.

Tesla has not confirmed that they are building the vehicle. However, it certainly does look like we will see Model Y Standard-Range AWD vehicles on the site soon enough.

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