VinFast battery subscription pricing revealed for the US

vinfast vf8 vf9
Credit: VinFast

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has already announced pricing for their first two electric vehicles (EVs), the VF8 and VF9, set to launch in North America later this year.

Those prices did not include perhaps the most important piece of an EV, the battery, instead opting to go with an additional battery subscription.

VinFast said this would help ease the sticker shock that is often associated with purchasing an EV.

Now their battery subscription pricing has been announced, and depending on which option you select, it could add a significant amount of money to your monthly payments.

The Flexible Plan costs $35 USD for the VF 8 and $40 per month for the VF9. That sounds cheap until you realize that fee only covers the first 310 miles (498km) you travel.

Go over that limit in any month, and you will pay an additional $0.11 per mile or $0.15 per mile for the VF8 and VF9 respectively.

If you drive more than that you can go with the Fixed Plan, which costs $110 USD per month for the VF8 and $160 USD per month for the VF9.

In addition, any customer who places an order for either vehicle this year will be locked in at that price for the lifetime of the vehicle, even if it changes hands.

Canadian battery subscription pricing has not yet been announced.

VinFast also announced yesterday that new owners in the US will get two free charging sessions with Electrify America.

VinFast owners will get two free charging sessions with Electrify America

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