North America’s northernmost Supercharger begins construction in Soldotna, Alaska

Tesla owners in Alaska will soon have their very first Supercharger. Crews have broken ground on what will become the northernmost Supercharger in North America in Soldotna.

According to a photo shared by Alaskan Tesla owner Braeden on Twitter, the north-west corner of 43540 Whistle Hill Loop will be the location of the V3 Superchargers.

Based on information found in the permit obtained by Drive Tesla earlier this year, there will be four V3 Superchargers installed.

Scheduled to open in Q3, the new Superchargers are located in a newly developed rest area just off the AK-1 state highway. They will add to the 3 Destination Chargers already located on the same lot.

Additional information shared by Alaskan Tesla owners on the TMC forums indicate construction of this Supercharger will be complete in as little as two weeks. This could mean Tesla is planning to install their prefabricated Superchargers, which speed up construction while also lowering costs for the automaker.

This is the only Supercharger currently planned for Alaska. There were previous plans for one in Anchorage, but that disappeared from Tesla’s map in January.

While the Soldotna Supercharger will be the northernmost location in North America, the title of northernmost Supercharger in the world goes to Skaidi, Norway. It opened in 2020 and is located more than 400km inside the Arctic Circle.

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