Tesla testing out prefabricated Supercharger installation method in Utah

Tesla’s network of Superchargers is growing rapidly. Last week we reached the milestone of 1,000 operational Supercharger locations in the U.S., and more than 1,300 in North America.

The typical Supercharger takes takes about a month or more to complete construction, not including the time required for inspections and the final connection to the grid.

That time could be cut down to just a day or two with the implementation of prefabricated installation method currently being tested in Utah.

A semi truck was spotted on Tuesday morning dropping off a bank of 8 Superchargers already installed in a concrete slab in Beaver, Utah. According to workers on the site, the Superchargers would be placed in a preprepared area, and then hooked up to existing utilities.

A photo taken later in the day by Dan Burkland shows the Superchargers on the ground and crews already working on the wiring. According to reports online, the hookup was complete less than 24 hours later.

Tesla Superchargers Beaver
Image via @dburkland /Twitter

While this may look familiar, it is not the same as the mobile Megapack Superchargers that Tesla sometimes deploys to high traffic areas to ease congestion.

These 8 Superchargers will be the first of 24 V3 stations being added to this site. Another 16 should arrive shortly after these are turned on.

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