Tesla Supercharger permit pulled for Soldotna, Alaska

Due to open in the third quarter of 2021, the location of Tesla’s first Alaskan Supercharger is now known.

The Supercharger will be placed at 43540 Whistle Hill (Kleeb) Loop and will have 4 V3 Superchargers, per the permit filed with the city.

Permit Description:

    • Install (1) V3 Supercharger Cabinet
    • Install (4) V3 Charging Posts
    • Install (1) Utility Transformer
    • Install (1) 1200A CT Cabinet
    • Install (1) 600A Disconnect
    • Install (1) Site Master Controller
    • Install (1) 30A Disconnect / Breaker

This is the second Supercharger planned by Tesla in Alaska, per Tesla’s Find-us map. In 2020, it showed a planned Supercharger in Anchorage, but that disappeared from the map in Tesla’s annual update in January.

The new site is located directly off AK-1 at Whistle Hill, a relatively new rest area with 2 train-themed restaurants. The center already hosts Tesla Destination Chargers for patrons, and is about 3 hours south of Anchorage.

Soldotna AK

When it opens later this year it will be North America’s northernmost Supercharger. The title of northernmost Supercharger in the world goes to Skaidi, Norway which opened in 2020. It is located within the Arctic Circle at 70.4325° N.

Article written by Marco. You can follow him on Twitter.

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