Kettleman City Supercharger expansion opens before holiday rush

In an effort to avoid long lineups during the busy holiday season, Tesla has opened the Kettleman City Supercharger expansion, even though the site isn’t completely finished.

We first told you about the new Supercharger just over one month ago, when the site was discovered under construction on Bernard Drive, across the highway from the existing 40-stall Supercharger.

Even though the site is still a gravel lot, the power was turned on this weekend, activating another 55 Supercharger stalls, just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend.

The first owner to report the site was open was TMC user Familyfirstj, who shared photos of his Model Y plugged in and receiving a charge yesterday .

Interestingly, it appears as though the final installation features one less stall than originally thought.

The new Kettleman City (Bernard Drive) Supercharger has already been added to the in-car navigation, but shows that “only” 55 stalls are available. It also doesn’t state any are out of order.

kettleman map
Credit: bmah /TMC

Given the site is in an unfinished state, Tesla will likely close the location after the holiday season to pave the parking lot and also add the same shade covers seen at the original Kettleman City Supercharger to keep owners out of the hot California sun.

Kettleman City lot
Image via Google
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