FSD Beta 10.5 rolls out with software update 2021.36.8.8 [Update]

At the same time Tesla was pushing a large roll out of 2021.40.6 to owners in Canada, Tesla has also started sending out the latest v10.5 of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software.

The update is a little later than originally planned, as it required a bit more time to resolve a few bugs after it was first deployed to internal employees over the weekend.

According to initial reports, only those already in the program are receiving the update, and no one with a Safety Score of 98 have reported receiving it.

The update includes a number of important improvements as detailed in the official release notes that first appeared over the weekend. As with previous FSD Beta release notes, they detail down to the exact percentage how some features have improved.

UPDATE: With V10.5, owners also have to re-agree to the FSD Beta terms and conditions, which now includes a clause that you must turn over footage from all your cameras in the event of a collision or safety issue.

One of the few Tesla employees that shares his FSD Beta impressions on YouTube is AI Addict. He has already uploaded a video of his first impressions from the weekend, which he called a “solid leap forward.”

You can check out the video below.

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