Tesla revamps Engage Tesla website to launch new social engagement platform

Tesla has made some changes to their Engage Tesla website to launch a new way to learn more from and interact with the company, other owners and owners’ clubs.

The Engage Tesla website has actually been around for a while. Last year it helped encourage Canadians to push for fairer EV charging standards (it worked). It was also a way for owners to support a proposal for a new Supercharger in Jasper, Alberta (it worked).

Now the automaker has added a new social media aspect to it, also announcing it will be shutting down its forums on March 15.

Engage Tesla is a new platform for both Tesla’s public policy team and Tesla Owner’s Clubs. Its goal is to create a digital home base for all of our work, and make it easier for Tesla community members to learn what’s top of mind for us, take meaningful action, and stay in the loop. We hope you’ll join us in getting involved.

On the site owners can sign up for a user account using your existing Tesla account. You can follow others and they can follow you. You can also leave comments on articles and earn points, although it is unclear how they can be earned or what they can be used for.

You can follow us on Engage Tesla by clicking here.

Drive Tesla account

h/t: Teslarati

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